The Vine

The genesis of the wine is in the control of the vine ensuring the optimal maturity of the bunches. 

The double guyot pruning allows grapes spreading and yield control. Foliage abundance is also under scrutiny to balance the energy distribution between the foliage and the grapes.

Leaf-thinning accentuates the natural ventilation and the sunshine exposure of the grapes.

Soil maintenance is exclusively mechanical, ensuring the aeration of the soil and a good distribution of nutrients to the vine.

The Cellar

Vinification and maturation focus on the extraction of aromas, tannins and flavors in accordance with the Cazenove taste philosophy.

Each grape varietal and parcel are vinified separately.

The characteristic of the moult drives the vinification’ strategy, always at low temperature to max up aroma. Repetitive pipeages allows for a smooth, deep almost air tight extraction to enhance color, flavors and tannins.

Blend occurs during ageing.